Bunny Cloud Hop

Bunny Cloud Hop
Click Hop at the right time to make the bunny hop to the next higher cloud

Crazy Dolphins

Crazy Dolphins
In the dangerous and vast ocean, the hungry dolphins need to avoid the evil ..

Chicago Hot ..

Chicago Hot Dogs
Hot dogs are on almost every kid's favorite food. Hot Dog is a Delicious Treat ..

Beaver Trouble ..

Beaver Trouble Typing
Someone is in trouble my friends! Indeed! A baby beaver got lost and now his ..

Villages On ..

Villages On Fire
Dan is the in charge of ten beautiful villages. Dan is very happy with the ..

City Under ..

City Under Siege Integer
An air force attack surprised a city called Sunray City. Thousands of people ..

Toys And ..

Toys And Diamonds
Use your toy car to steal diamonds. The first levels will be fast and easy, in ..

Vintage Kissing

Vintage Kissing
Help the couple to have fun without getting noticed by others and fill the bar ..

Cheese Time

Cheese Time
Are you the b-rat who does anything to hang with cheeses? Then crack these ..

jelly and frog

jelly and frog

It's a skill mouse click game! a frog want to see the outside world, help ..

Devil Fall 2

Devil Fall 2
The little white angel fell down from heaven to the hell.There are all kinds of ..


Meditative little submarine adventures

Xtreme Hill ..

Xtreme Hill Racer
Try and make your way over these 3 courses by upgrading your bike and mastering ..

Valet Parking

Valet Parking
Valet Parking parking is back, for it's second instalment! Take on the role of ..

From the Dark

From the Dark
Spark is stuck in the farthest wetlands - but with the help of a friendly drop ..

Mystic Journey

Mystic Journey
The Mystic Journey is a platformer game but with stunning traps and hidden ..

Creamy Cupcake ..

Creamy Cupcake Hidden Objects
Naughty Stacy hid all the cupcakes that her mom made and you could help her ..

Maus Trap II

Maus Trap II
Peanut the mouse has found herself trapped in a dangerous lab filled with crazy ..

Monsterland 3: ..

Monsterland 3: Junior Returns
Senior and Junior are back and Junior is causing more mischief than ever ..

Acool Billiards

Acool Billiards
Acool Billiards Qualifying Competition is going to start! Competing with top ..

Country Mouse ..

Country Mouse and City Mouse
Help mouse collect all grapes and go home! Avoid the spine and the cat. The ..

Texas Car ..

Texas Car Parking
Try your hand at parking these cars with complicated challenges at each level. ..

Double ..

Double Freecell Solitaire
Handle the double gracefully to enjoy the doubled fun! Your goal in this game ..

Zoo Animals ..

Zoo Animals Differences
How about a visit at the zoo? You're not going to be a mere visitor this time, ..

Need A Hero

Need A Hero
Bob, the mouse, is scared and sad because the evil genius, Dr. Badd Cat has ..

Papaerplane in ..

Papaerplane in Paris
He doesnt have enough time and enough money for meeting with his girlfriend.He ..

Honeydew ..

Honeydew Melons Adventure 3
Honeydew Melons Worm wants to eat honeydew melons again, so he starts a new ..

Party Time Car ..

Party Time Car Parking
An important socialite that you are, just brag your wealth at the party with ..

Pizza Boy City ..

Pizza Boy City Parking
Join this pizza boy and relish the excitement as you help him to park his car ..

Little ..

Little Wit’s Travel
Little Wit wants to travel around the world. But there are so many dangers ..


Welcome to Sweetland, a delicious world filled full of candy! Rotate the world ..

The Treasure ..

The Treasure Cave
Steal the treasure of the Zoltan god, by exploring the different caves until ..

Plunder Mars

Plunder Mars
Use pogos, rockets, cannons and variety of aerodynamic hats to help launch ..
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