Caviar Pancake

Caviar Pancake
Have you heard of caviar pancakes? I've tried them few days ago and now they ..

Salmon Summer ..

Salmon Summer Days
This summer can not end without eating the best recipe of salmon. I can assure ..

Morning Bun

Morning Bun
Every morning I\'m searching in my fridge for something tasty to eat. This ..

Pound Cake In ..

Pound Cake In The Meadow
Have you ever cooked in a meadow? Come here to see the splendid view in this ..

Make Family ..

Make Family Salad
Do you eat only healthy food? After I read an article about how damaged and ..

Pizza Master ..

Pizza Master Cooking
The Pizza Master wants to make a particular type of pizza. He wants to bring ..

Circus Animals

Circus Animals
Welcome to the greatest circus of all. We are all here today to see a great ..

Thanksgiving ..

Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich
If you are planning to have a big Thanksgiving turkey this year, don't worry ..

Thanksgiving ..

Thanksgiving Turkey Preparation
Anna and her mother are super nervous because Thanksgiving is here and they are ..

Poached Tuna ..

Poached Tuna And Herb Salad
Hello kids! Today we are going to be the kings and queens of the kitchen. This ..

Corsican Style ..

Corsican Style Soup
Step inside the kitchen in this new cooking game and try your best to follow ..

Fried Chicken ..

Fried Chicken Wings
Do you like chicken wings? In this online cooking game for girls you will learn ..

Scrambled Egg ..

Scrambled Egg Burritos
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why not start off the ..

Lunch Time

Lunch Time
Lunch is one of the important parts of a day. The rest of the day depends on ..

Chickpea Curry ..

Chickpea Curry Recipe
Arthur is a very talented chef at a five star restaurant. Every week he comes ..

Macaroni With ..

Macaroni With Cheese
If you are looking for a quick but very delicious meal, you are playing the ..

Macaroni And ..

Macaroni And Cheese
Macaroni and cheese is my favorite food since I was a small child. My mother ..

Make Tortilla ..

Make Tortilla Eggs
Tortilla eggs is the best breakfast for a sunny morning. Start the day with ..

Wild Forest ..

Wild Forest Lunch
Here in the wild forest you can cook anything you want. For example, today you ..

Feed The Sweet ..

Feed The Sweet Ants
Ella has a new project for school. She has to take care of few ants from her ..

Bean And Corn ..

Bean And Corn Salad
Have you ever tasted the delicious bean and corn salad? Today you have the ..

Shepherds Pie

Shepherds Pie
America has a favorite pie recipe and it is called Shepherds Pie and in this ..

Sauce With ..

Sauce With Meatballs
It is finally the time to cook something more difficult than usual! We are ..

Exotic Hot ..

Exotic Hot Brownie
Exotic Hot Brownie is the best recipe I've tried in months. The location where ..

Chicken ..

Chicken Nuggets Recipe
Kirsten wanna open her own restaurant but before that she wanna have a small ..

Summer Icecream

Summer Icecream
Are you in the mood for a delicious ice cream? My mouth is melting because I ..

Cook Steamed ..

Cook Steamed Fish With Spicy Sauce
Steam fish with spicy sauce is the kind of recipe that you must try it at least ..

Indian Chicken ..

Indian Chicken Recipe
My brother visited India in the past month and he came home with some cool ..

The Canteen

The Canteen
Iris is passionate about culinary art and she wants to go at the cooking school ..

Cooked Rice ..

Cooked Rice Recipe
Anyone can cook an Asian recipe and especially you. This is an easy recipe of ..

Homemade Pizza

Homemade Pizza
Homemade pizza night became popular in our house since our friends heard about ..