Beautiful ..

Beautiful Wedding Dressup
This beautiful lady will be in the main event, next Saturday, her wedding. It ..

Bella’s ..

Bella’s Cake
It's amazing day and Bella has opened her own cake decorating shop. When the ..

Girl visits ..

Girl visits New York
Today this girl is visiting New York, one of the biggest cities of the United ..

Jessy on Palm ..

Jessy on Palm Beach
Jessy likes warm weather and she always spends her free time at the coast beach ..

Last Minute ..

Last Minute Makeover – Lady Chef
This girl works as a chef in a fancy restaurant. She's running a bit late for ..

Make Shoofly ..

Make Shoofly Pie
Hey kids, in this cooking game you will learn how to prepare this delicious ..

Cute Birthday ..

Cute Birthday Girl Face Art Dress up
It is your birthday! It is so wonderful. Come and dress up for birthday party ..

Fashion Studio ..

Fashion Studio – Prom Dress Design
Do you need ideas for your prom dress? Our new “Fashion Studio" game lets ..

Hairdresser ..

Hairdresser Challenge Games
The famous Hairdresser Challenge Competition begins. As a famous hairdresser, ..

Grilled Salmon

Grilled Salmon
Our dyno family had a baby dinosaur that is quite hungry. His mother wants to ..

Rich Banana ..

Rich Banana Bread
The Banana Bread is moist delicious with loads of banana flavour. In this ..

Last Minute ..

Last Minute Makeover – Wedding
The big day for this girl has finally arrived as she will marry her prince ..

Stylist for ..

Stylist for the Stars 2
Stylist for the stars is finally back! In this sequel you have to prepare 6 new ..

Reporter Girl

Reporter Girl
This girl has a big interest for everything that's going on in the world today. ..

Kawaii Lover ..

Kawaii Lover Beach Dressup
What a cute girl and what a handsome boy! Now They are in need of a friend to ..

Fashion Studio ..

Fashion Studio – Pyjama Design
It's time for a pyjama party! And what better way to impress your bff's with ..

Lovely Baby ..

Lovely Baby Care
For playing just click and drag the required item to the kid and drop it. Use ..

Holiday in New ..

Holiday in New York
New York is one of the biggest cities of the United States and this lovely girl ..

Fashion Studio ..

Fashion Studio – Retro Outfit
Vintage is the new trend. Everybody loves this new retro style and with our ..

Stylist for ..

Stylist for the Stars
These fashionistas are each going to a different kind of event and they all ..

Fashion Studio ..

Fashion Studio – Popstar Outfit
This popstar wants to give her best concert ever tonight! But for this her ..

Lovely Snowman ..

Lovely Snowman Dressup
Every child likes to build a snowman and is very happy when snowing outside, ..

Fashion Studio ..

Fashion Studio – Sport Outfit
Going to the gym is not much fun but what if you had the perfect outfit? Well ..

Fruit Salsa ..

Fruit Salsa Chips
Circus team Chef will prepare a special recipe for the tonight event, Fruit ..

Last Minute ..

Last Minute Makeover – Lawyer
This lovely lawyer has to plead an important case in the courtroom today. But ..

Selena Gomez ..

Selena Gomez Hairstyles
Selena Gomez is a very popular singer and actress. Tonight she's going on a new ..

Last Minute ..

Last Minute Makeover – Popstar
This amazing popstar is going to give a smashing concert tonight. But she only ..

Holiday in ..

Holiday in London
London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. Our cute friend will ..
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