Manicure Party

Manicure Party
Bright and unusual nail polish – all the girls just love it! Emily and Ami ..

Driving to The ..

Driving to The Party
This girl has a nice car. Would you please help her dress up so that she can ..

Our Small ..

Our Small Friends
Let's visit a real show for pets! Interesting, can girls' pets look as stylish ..

Cute Makeover

Cute Makeover
Welcome to our makeover salon! Here you will experience new types of face ..

Punkrock ..

Punkrock Monster Dress Up

Play inside at the concert hall with a monster! A fun place where you can ..

Paris with Love

Paris with Love
This is it, this is the day when this lovely couple here is leaving on their ..

Girl For Party

Girl For Party
This girl is reade for party.She looks sweet and adorable. rnWith colorful ..

Mia and her ..

Mia and her Pets
Mia is going on a walk, so help her pick the best outfit for this occasion!

Fancy ..

Fancy Fireworks Party
3...2...1... oh no: the new year is at a few seconds' distance and this ..

Spring Dress Up

Spring Dress Up
Select through my clothes to see what this girl should wear in spring.

SuperStar Diva ..

SuperStar Diva Dress Up
Grab some outfits and make this awesome girl a real superstar diva. Use your ..

Sporty and ..

Sporty and Pretty
Nia's finally come back from her granny. Sporty and pretty friends are together ..

Take A Picture ..

Take A Picture In My Bedroom
Before going to sleep at night, you will put on your cute pajamas, take a photo ..

My New ..

My New Teacher’s Style
A new teacher came to our class last week. She is a kind, warm-hearted. She ..

Summer Nail ..

Summer Nail Salon

Time for your summer manicure! A fun place where you can get ready for long ..

Emo Avatar ..

Emo Avatar Maker
Customize your emo avatar with style. You can get unique results by changing ..

Princess Ball

Princess Ball
This beautiful princess is going with her prince to the ball. Help her dress up ..

Cycle Accident

Cycle Accident
Weird, but a cycle accident made Emily smile but not cry. This event is going ..

Fashion Shooter

Fashion Shooter
Today your job is to help the shooter girl dressing up with cool girl shooter ..

Resort Dress Up

Resort Dress Up
Every year Amelia likes to spend her winter holiday in a very exotic resort, ..

New Year ..

New Year Fashion Resolutions
Lend this gorgeous young lady a helping hand for putting together that ..

Skiing Beauty

Skiing Beauty
She sure is a skiing beauty, but how about turning her into a skiing ..

Cocktail Party ..

Cocktail Party Makeover
Attending one of the most exclusive, fanciest cocktail parties in town sure is ..

Passion for ..

Passion for Shopping
If it's clothing sales' time, then it can only mean it's time for a shopping ..

Photo Shooting ..

Photo Shooting Dress Up
Ellie has won a free photo shooting from a famous photographer. She knows few ..

Dress My ..

Dress My Teacher Up
The school bell is about to ring and our gorgeous young teacher here is about ..

Sweet Flirting

Sweet Flirting
You can always find cute and interesting guys at the ski resort and that’s ..

Inventive Ami

Inventive Ami
Laboratory seems to be a second home for Ami. None of the extreme experiments ..

Beach Fashion

Beach Fashion
Annie is going to be on the summer cover magazine and she is having the photo ..

California ..

California Wedding
Noemi is going to get married today in the California style. Help her to choose ..

Put on My Bird ..

Put on My Bird Costume
Emma is a little girl who loves bird very much. Today she really wants to dress ..

Fashion Girl ..

Fashion Girl Dress up

Night Party ..

Night Party Dress Up
Lorraine and her friends are going out tonight. They were invited to a fancy ..
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