Dracula ..

Dracula Cupcakes
Do you love eating cup cakes ! Have you ever wondered how are they are ..

Fresh Mexican ..

Fresh Mexican Burritos
Learn how to cook fresh mexican burritos at home.

Cocktail ..

Cocktail Decoration
When you host a cocktail party you have huge responsibility because the hardest ..

Jelly Donuts

Jelly Donuts
Do you want to give any new finger food to your child. Try a Jelly Donuts .It ..

Double ..

Double Cheeseburger Decorator
We are going to make this giant cheeseburger with all of our favorite toppings. ..

Apple Piglet ..

Apple Piglet Cooking Show
Today we'll be learning to cook a yummy, yummy apple piglet dish! Simply rely ..

American ..

American Pancakes
The American pancakes are well known for their special taste. It takes just few ..

Savory Quiche

Savory Quiche
Dust off your apron and step into the online kitchen! You will be learning to ..

Summer Icecream

Summer Icecream
Are you in the mood for a delicious ice cream? My mouth is melting because I ..

Chicken ..

Chicken Nuggets Recipe
Kirsten wanna open her own restaurant but before that she wanna have a small ..

Cute Heart Cake

Cute Heart Cake
Bake a cute heart cake. Design your own cake in a shape of a heart.

Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls
A new fancy sushi resto has just opened and guess what: you're running this ..

Stellas ..

Stellas Sandwich
Stella owns a sandwich boutique and needs your help to satisfy her customers. ..

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake
Girls, do you like carrot cakes? In this online game for girls you will learn ..

Frosted ..

Frosted Chocolate Chip Cheesecake
It’s time to a have a snacks in the evening. What to cook?. Let’s prepare a ..

Small ..

Small Strawberry Tarts
I really love to eat strawberry tarts specially when they are homemade so I ..

Strawberry ..

Strawberry Pancakes
The summer Holiday has finally arrived and everyone is really excited and ..

Lady Fingers ..

Lady Fingers with Vanilla Cocoa
After a long day thinking about the best desert, Dora is had a revelation. She ..

Delicious ..

Delicious Pumpkin Pie
We’ve got the ingredients to make a wonderful pumpkin pie. But we need your ..

Homemade Ice ..

Homemade Ice Cream
It's a nice sunny day and everything is going great! You invited a couple of ..

Grilled ..

Grilled Bruschetta Chicken
Everyone loves to eat, and it will be more fun to eat the food what we have ..

Cupcake Party

Cupcake Party
Every time I host a party I have to make cupcakes. My friends requires them ..

Cook Steamed ..

Cook Steamed Fish With Spicy Sauce
Steam fish with spicy sauce is the kind of recipe that you must try it at least ..

Super Sandwich ..

Super Sandwich Shop
Here is a game where children could manage a sandwich shop, make sandwiches as ..

Oti’s ..

Oti’s Cooking Lesson
Step into lovely chef Oti's kitchen and let yourself guided into cooking one of ..

Indian Chicken ..

Indian Chicken Recipe
My brother visited India in the past month and he came home with some cool ..

Pull Apart ..

Pull Apart Turtle Cupcakes
Do you like cooking games? In this game you have to make a delicious turtle ..

Albondigas En ..

Albondigas En Salsa Recipe
Today we are learning how to make a delicious Spanish dish. This recipe is ..

Frenzy Noodles

Frenzy Noodles
Lisa has been graduated from cooking academy, then she opens a new noodle shop ..

Chocolate ..

Chocolate cupcake maker
Do you want to give any special nibbles to your special one. Give a tasty and ..

Frenzy Hotel

Frenzy Hotel
Located in the mid-town, Debbie's father has abandoned his small hotel ..

Baked ..

Baked Raspberry Cheesecake
Make a mouthwatering heart shaped raspberry cheesecake for your favorite ..

Cooked Rice ..

Cooked Rice Recipe
Anyone can cook an Asian recipe and especially you. This is an easy recipe of ..
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