Fish Wrapped ..

Fish Wrapped In Banana Leaf
Grace is passionate about culinary art and she wanted to learn different ..

Beef Taco ..

Beef Taco Lasagna
It’s a rainy season. Have to eat something hot. Shall we prepare Beef taco ..

Pirates ..

Pirates Restaurant
A pirate ship sailed to the islands in 8 days, but no one willing to serve food ..

Diner Chef 3

Diner Chef 3
The diner chef takes some challenges to run his business at park, Governor’s ..

Fried Chicken ..

Fried Chicken Wings
Do you like chicken wings? In this online cooking game for girls you will learn ..

Vegetable ..

Vegetable Omelette
In this cooking game lets prepare mouthwatering Vegetable Omelette. Follow the ..

Autumn Cup ..

Autumn Cup Cakes
Cup Cakes can bring you a delicious flavor in your house. If you have the best ..

Strawberry ..

Strawberry Cake decoration
Are you tired of chocolate and vanilla? Need a healthy substitute that still ..

Cupcake For ..

Cupcake For Christmas
Christmas is in just two weeks and you have to prepare to make only goodies for ..

Burger Shop ..

Burger Shop Frenzy
Burger Shop Frenzy is a game that will put to test both your serving and ..

Delicious ..

Delicious Chocolate Cake
Let's make a yummy chocolate cake that will be fun to make and fun to eat!

Cherry ..

Cherry Cheesecake
Do you like cheesecakes? I do so I make at least one cheesecake every week. ..

Chickpea Curry ..

Chickpea Curry Recipe
Arthur is a very talented chef at a five star restaurant. Every week he comes ..

Macaroni With ..

Macaroni With Cheese
If you are looking for a quick but very delicious meal, you are playing the ..

Red Christmas ..

Red Christmas Pasta
Who said that you can not serve pasta on Christmas? On Christmas Eve and after ..

Orange Ribbon ..

Orange Ribbon Cheesecake
Time to cook the delicious orange ribbon cheesecake for the party. Follow the ..

Macaroni And ..

Macaroni And Cheese
Macaroni and cheese is my favorite food since I was a small child. My mother ..

Baking ..

Baking Competition
Cakes: high and low, with fragrant tortillas, chocolate and vanilla cream, with ..

Make Tortilla ..

Make Tortilla Eggs
Tortilla eggs is the best breakfast for a sunny morning. Start the day with ..

Wild Forest ..

Wild Forest Lunch
Here in the wild forest you can cook anything you want. For example, today you ..

Sushi Classes: ..

Sushi Classes: California Roll
Today you will learn how to prepare delicious exotic California Roll from Sushi ..

Pizza Corner

Pizza Corner
Leo opened a new pizzeria in our town. He is a talented chef and his pizzas are ..

Cake Decorator

Cake Decorator
Would you accept this honor of being this famous pastry chef's apprentice? Then ..

Spring Sundaes

Spring Sundaes
You have all the tastiest, most mouth-watering goodies at your disposal, ..

Bean And Corn ..

Bean And Corn Salad
Have you ever tasted the delicious bean and corn salad? Today you have the ..

My Delicious ..

My Delicious Cake Decoration
Along with summer and the nice weather the time for desserts has arrived. It's ..

Sauce With ..

Sauce With Meatballs
It is finally the time to cook something more difficult than usual! We are ..

Exotic Hot ..

Exotic Hot Brownie
Exotic Hot Brownie is the best recipe I've tried in months. The location where ..

Candy Cake

Candy Cake
My niece is turning three tomorrow and I promised her that I will make a ..

Cooking Apple ..

Cooking Apple Pie Decoration
We proud to present you a new fun recipe, where you are going to bake a ..

Pasta Pronto

Pasta Pronto
You are the chief and you must prepare pasta as fast as you can like the ..

Princess ..

Princess Jewelry Box Cake
In this game, you must cook a creamy jewelry box cake. Add layers, assemble the ..

Halloween ..

Halloween Monster Cake
The Monster High family have planned a huge wedding for one of their members. ..
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