Caviar Pancake

Caviar Pancake
Have you heard of caviar pancakes? I've tried them few days ago and now they ..

Salmon Summer ..

Salmon Summer Days
This summer can not end without eating the best recipe of salmon. I can assure ..

Tartufo Ice ..

Tartufo Ice Cream
It is a new excellent cooking game where your task is to prepare the tasty ..

Delicious ..

Delicious HotDog
One of the most famous mi-day meals that kids love to eat is a delicious hot ..

My Pizza ..

My Pizza Creation
Today we are going to take these wonderful ingredients and combine them to make ..

Morning Bun

Morning Bun
Every morning I\'m searching in my fridge for something tasty to eat. This ..

Winter Cake

Winter Cake
Sarah loves winter season and one of her favorite parts of the day is when the ..

Thai Green ..

Thai Green Chicken Curry
Learn how to cook a delicious thai green chicken curry and follow all the step ..

Pound Cake In ..

Pound Cake In The Meadow
Have you ever cooked in a meadow? Come here to see the splendid view in this ..

Spotted Roll ..

Spotted Roll Recipe
This evening could be the most important evening for Sara and her family. After ..

Make Family ..

Make Family Salad
Do you eat only healthy food? After I read an article about how damaged and ..

Tomato Pizza

Tomato Pizza
Italians have always been visionaries when it comes to gastronomy and everyone ..

Delicious ..

Delicious Chocolate Banana Muffins
Everyone likes to eat cake. Cake and chocolate is a favourite snacks for ..

Pizza Master ..

Pizza Master Cooking
The Pizza Master wants to make a particular type of pizza. He wants to bring ..

Pasta Primavera

Pasta Primavera
Who loves pasta? These pasta are so good that we decided to make a game to cook ..

Wonder Soup

Wonder Soup
The kids on the orphanage are hungry and you know a special recipe.. Wonder ..

Strawberry ..

Strawberry Shortcake Farm Berries
Strawberry Shortcake is a top dessert, and this game shows you how to create ..

Frozen Dessert

Frozen Dessert
It's summer season, and we are here to prepare some delicious recipe where ..

Pizza ..

Pizza Capricciosa
Yummy!! Have you tasted the new recipe of Pizza Capricciosa? I love it! Ever ..

Dream ..

Dream Chocolate Party
Every weekend I have to make a dessert for my family because my mother put me ..

Apple Cake ..

Apple Cake Fantasy
Have you ever dreamed to have a magical kitchen? I did that\'s why today we are ..

Chocolate ..

Chocolate Candies
Chocolate must be a favourite for everyone. Children like the chocolate very ..

Spicy Pecan ..

Spicy Pecan Popcorn Chicken
These spicy pecan chicken nuggets are to be tasted with creamy ranch dip. Enjoy ..

Sweet Pancake ..

Sweet Pancake Recipe
Christine is spending her summer holiday at her aunt in Belize and she wants to ..

Circus Animals

Circus Animals
Welcome to the greatest circus of all. We are all here today to see a great ..

Thanksgiving ..

Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich
If you are planning to have a big Thanksgiving turkey this year, don't worry ..

Special Cake ..

Special Cake Deco
Chloe and Jim are celebrating their 1 month anniversary. Chloe is very active ..

Basic Pound ..

Basic Pound Cake
Girls, let\'s surprise our beloved friends with a tasty dessert. The basic ..

Tuna Pizza

Tuna Pizza
If you like Tuna, you should definitely try this pizza recipe, only in a game ..

Sugared Jelly ..

Sugared Jelly Candies
In this cooking game lets make some delicious Sugared jelly candies. I know it ..

Thanksgiving ..

Thanksgiving Turkey Preparation
Anna and her mother are super nervous because Thanksgiving is here and they are ..

Poached Tuna ..

Poached Tuna And Herb Salad
Hello kids! Today we are going to be the kings and queens of the kitchen. This ..

City Grill And ..

City Grill And Bake
Are you hungry? These hungry kids went out and they are looking for a place to ..
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