Hidden Words 2

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Hidden Words 2
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Collect the best score possible from all the categories! At the end of each level you can submit your score! In this word search game you will also find a possibility to customize a look of the game! You can change the color of the background, color of the highlight line and also color of the letters! There is unlimited number of color combination!


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  1. trion sucks says:

    whats wrong with these big companies??? they cant create any new idea, no matter they have best designe1, programe1, enginee1, PR….
    ….and now they showing us crafting, exploring, resource gathering and skill points as something new and completely different as we saw already….
    ….while they spending efforts on copy of copy, devs from Terraria, Stabound, Unturned are richer and richer every day….. and they just cant solve how thats possiblle….

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