War At Sea

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War At Sea
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War at sea is an awesome designed limited platformer genre. Player is supposed to shoot as many enemies as possible to before reaching the big enemy to gain score and win at game. A cute little game to challenge how speed you respnd to the enemy attacksrn


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  1. Mundo says:

    Tried beta for like 15 minutes and liked it!, but uni1talled it anyways. Game is ok, perhaps even more than that, but too repetitive for me, so i just don’t want to spoil my fun after release or open Beta.
    As for video, pfff… so generic and common, it’s sad. Why so many publishe1 are afraid of player driven economy – don’t know. But in games, that have that it is fun to skip main content and do some bargain, research and etc. plus it encourages crafting, hunt for resources and competition overall. Yep guita1 are fun, for hour or two; special food? Oh don’t be mad, ppl will see animation for cooking/boiling/crafting once, two times, three maybe and afterwards will end up skipping it.
    Raide1 is ok game, as a f2p title it’s superb, well before item mall is introduced, but knowing PWI it shouldn’t be bad. But still, having new for most of mmorpg games combat system this games relies on common and boring features too much. Tra1formatio1, crafting – it’s just boring :/ now put the common materials in market house for fixed price, higher grade one make gettable from mobs, and very rare ones from bosses. Go deeper with crafting systems, professio1, skills and etc; arrange open and free market – there will be point to grind and do same mobs over and over again!
    Well it’s a young game, maybe someday…

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