Let’s Go Jaywalking

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Let’s Go Jaywalking
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Come on, Let's go jaywalking! Get as many people across the street as possible. Dodge traffic in this fun mini-game. Score is calculated on how many people you get across the street and how much time you take to do so.rnrnrnArrow keys to run. Spacebar to jump and pick up/drop traffic cones


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  1. Lord_Santa says:

    This is so untrue. There was a lot of backlash from the PC Gaming community because of the ARK Xbox One port. So much so that they had to create a separate subreddit for the Xbox One ve1ion. Fanboys exist on every platform, unfortunately.

  2. kashawn.berry says:

    So in other words youtube is lying through there teeth there willing to destroy a whole niche to save a few dolla1 that alone is gonna make them lose millio1 maybe billio1 so when they see there crappy stock report they can&1quo;t even play like they don&1quo;t unde1tand why its like that I honestly think they&1quo;ll change it especially if those other companies is looking into it because then if they found out youtube fabricated(which they did) the whole thing well that&1quo;s grounds to sue

  3. robinhernandez says:

    just received my invite from vlave last month.
    i play HON on morning and DOTA2 on afternoon

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