Lost in Amazonas

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Lost in Amazonas
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Find your way in Amazonas among the living dead.


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  1. nomad says:

    game is good, just the company ruined it in so many ways. sigh

  2. minimalist says:

    1. We don’t really know that Moneypenny has resigned he1elf to a desk job. She may still have some tricks up her sleeve. I have a hard time believing they would make such a big deal out of Naomi Harris coming back to the role if all she was going to do was flirt with Bond each time he came in to see M.n2. As much as I love to see sophisticated roles for women and minorities, I also unde1tand that great stories are not built on ideology (that would be called “propaganda”… art in the service of politics). The Daniel Craig Bonds (and in particular Skyfall) are hardly mindless escapist product. The are very sophisticated action/dramas made for adults who don’t require pandering to know right from wrong. The fact that Bond is both more modern yet also a cold hearted bastard who does’t flinch when a women he slept with was strung up in a hammock makes him interesting and frightening.

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