Mountain slope

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Mountain slope
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Use the mouse for play. To progress, you have to find five numbers from 0-9.


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  1. DorianGray says:

    The problem wasn’t that the battles were difficult. I found them very easy compared to most Final Fantasy games.nThe problem is that the battles were spastic and headache-inducing, and to a lesser extent, the problem was that they occurred off the map (why, oh why, does any RPG still do it that way? Why the step backward from XII?) Every five seconds, the whole screen blu1 and distorts and then suddenly a bunch of brightly lit models fly around with little regard for visual flow or keeping the interest of the player.nIf that gets fixed, great. If not, then making battles easier that aren’t too difficult in the fi1t place is pointless.

  2. Micha says:

    Lol this must be a joke. Digimon is from the stone age…..

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