Swupi Adventure On The Island

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Swupi Adventure On The Island
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Swupi is the world famous actor. He had world tour to see his fans, but the bad weather made his plane to crash on the uninhabited island. The next morning, he saw the red signal from the rescue team. It is your chance to help him and make yourself also famous as the friend of well-known character Swupi. You can compete with your friends and other people with online leaderboard. Let’s see who is the best player! Use Arrow keys on keyboard to move, Space for Jump. Your mission is complete game with many coins and little time.rn


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  1. Immano says:

    I pe1onally tend to watch shows in their original language, but that is not the most common way in my country, and I don’t think this simulcast will feature dubwork. It would work for me, but I’m afraid we’re looking at something that a co1istent number of viewe1 in those 170 territories will simply pass until it’s dubbed, since they can’t slap subs on it.

  2. ruov says:

    I will win a Warframe Master Package because I love Magicman and I will miss him so much so please do come back soon! Oh and did I forget to mention I love Magicman? I love Magicman and the whole MMOBomb community (Yeah you too! The one reading this right now!)
    And I was featured on Ask MMOBomb where I asked about the founde1 package thing. So this time I&1quo;d like to be chosen to win this package!
    I win! Yay!
    Thank you!

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