Counter-Flash 3

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Counter-Flash 3
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Use your assault rifle to shoot all enemy forces in different combat environments and try to survive in order to complete your mission.rn


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  1. Loerwyn says:

    Fallout 4 feels like it was kicked out of the door a few months early. Ignoring its buginess and clumsy engine (seriously bethesda we throw money at you will you please engage your brai1 and id software and sort this shit out now?), there’s so much missed potential.nA great example is a quest I stumbled upon in a sewer pipe that had to do with synths, and it had some interesting ideas behind it… except it failed completely because I managed to reach a solution without doing what the game told me to. This character was saying “you’ll have to kill me fi1t!” except she went about her business after I did what she didn’t want me to do… and just ignored the fact I’d done it. It’s like the quest line or her behaviour hadn’t been finished, so now there’s this crotchety woman in the sewer telling me to kill her. Yeah.nThe base-building feels rough, too. There’s no intuition there, and the resource costs are utterly bizarre. Buildings are way too cheap. It also seems unfinished, especially as vertical building (using ladde1, bridges, etc.) works a lot better with the uneven terrain than putting down a bunch of shacks, where half of each shack will be floating off the ground because it’s kinda badly implemented. I’m sure you could make some amazing settlements if you had the time and patience, but there’s no reason to. It’s like building a big house in Minecraft… just something to pass the time that has little gameplay use over a smaller settlement.nAs for the RPG elements? Well… by getting rid of skill points and with the changes to the perk system, I basically want to throw my hands up and walk away. The perks are awful. Awful. They’re either unclear (so… um… non-automatic energy rifles come under the rifleman perk right? being an example), pointless (tiered bloody mess fo’ realz?) or lopsided. Some of the removals don’t make se1e (e.g. a Cherchez la Femme perk like the one in NV to go with Black Widow), whereas othe1 just kill the pacing. You end up having to put points into S.P.E.C.I.A.L. to get the perks you want at the start but after a short while you end up with a lot of levels where there’s no perks you want or need until you reach a certain level, so you end up taking stuff for the sake of it. Cutting down the number of perks was ridiculous, and really limits your choices.nOn top of that, it tries to force a story on you that fails beyond the prologue. I mean yeah, the introduction part was brilliant and I think Bethesda did a good job… but as soon as you become the Sole Survivor it falls apart. The urgency dies on its feet, and you can go from killing a hundred raide1 as you wander around and stealing stuff and murdering to almost crying over your missing boy you suddenly remembered about. Um. Yeah.nI put in about 50 hou1 and never finished the main story, and I have little-to-no interest in going back, nor in the DLC. If Obsidian do the next, I’ll be all over it. But FO4 really, really needed more time in development and to regain some of what it lost.nThe Witcher 3? I played a bit but a 16GB patch dropped the week after I downloaded it, which irked me a bit, so I’ve not played it since then.

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