Hidden Beads

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Hidden Beads
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Be attentive and find all hidden beads in the garden! A little game in the Hidden Objects style


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  1. provost says:

    I’d argue it’s less the industry, but more the fanbase that seems to be at issue. I do believe there is some degree of sexism and harassment in the industry(as any other industry is prone), but I think the main issue is the gamer identity and what some game1 (not all) view as what is inherently their privilege to have, they don’t want “sjw”s and “feminists” contaminating their games despite the progressive attitude of the general game developer community.nThere are spots to improve, and I feel as an industry we’ll address them and get to them, (and I say this as a game artist) but that’s natural and will naturally, take time. For one, I have heard and witnessed women having difficulties in a male dominated field, but no wo1e or better than any other field that has been dominated by men in the past, and it has been getting better, and we must as an industry continue to address these issues.

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