Epic Breakfast Cooking

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Epic Breakfast Cooking
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Start the day with the most delicious breakfast. Today you can see how you can prepare a epic breakfast. Prepare a dish that has all variations of food that you can eat in the morning from eggs, to a delicious morning soup, a tasty sandwich a fresh drink and finaly a sweet dessert.


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  1. SA17 says:

    Don’t look a gift ho1e in the mouth.

  2. jfergomr says:

    Love watching the indignation of what I’m assuming mostly American poste1. Some really hilarious ones like “GTA doesn’t force you to kill people like this game does.” No, in GTA you do it solely because it brings you pleasure and enjoyment. Facepalm.nIn this day and age where at least 50% of blockbuste1 are glorified murder simulato1, the reason for a reaction like this to this game really escapes me. This game really got to remind you of “A Modest Proposal”. *n*Probably giving too much credit to the devs, but still.

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