City Under Siege Fraction

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City Under Siege Fraction
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An air force attack surprised a city called Sunray City. Thousands of people die except Sanders that slept over in the dorm. His meeting with Lt. Isaac began his journey in defending the city.

This game is:
- pre-rendered 3D;
- available in two operation (+, -) for fraction operation;
- intuitive and easy to play;

This game has:
- varies enemy with special ability;
- 20 achievements;
- selectable difficulty (3);
- survival mode and high scores;


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  1. Dan_SWVR says:

    Can vouch for this. The Vive controlle1 are next level, and so is this game. I’m still feeling a bit on edge half an hour after playing. It’s f*cking terrifying. I have access to a Vive and have played most of the stuff you’ll see on demo reels but none of it compares to the inte1ity of this right now. And this is a simple game, things are gonna get really, really scary.

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