Flying Jiangshi

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Flying Jiangshi
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She is a jiangshi, she need candies to live, also she can fly, please don't ask me why! There are three types of candy: Red: Increase your Qi. You can get extra live if your Qi is overflowed. Green: Increase your sign view. Blue: +1000 score.


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  1. Johnmcl7 says:

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  2. Akkiraa says:

    I honestly have no clue how anyone could ever be that affected by a pose in a videogame.nTo think that designe1 who create video game characte1 and poses are chauvinistic because they don’t agree with your world view is really irritating.nI’m gay so I don’t really care about asses or boobs on characte1, but there’s nothing wrong with it. Videogames (just like movies, books and guess what: porn) are fantasy. If I want to create a character who’s sexy to attract a certain demographic (which is not even the case here) then I should be able to do that without some people on the internet calling me chauvinistic.nAnd btw have you checked out the amount of “unnatural” guys in video games? Abs, pecs, huge arms EVERYWHERE…nAbout Tracer: She is playful and fun and cheeky. And yes that can include sex! Why can’t there be a character who likes to flirt and is comfortable in their own body?

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