Lillies Slider

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Lillies Slider
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Use the mouse to slide together the Lilly Pads


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  1. warriorbat says:

    There&1quo;s to1 of F2P games out now and 99% of them are really bad. That is product of F2P expa1ion, many companies sees their opportunity in F2P games, so they spend at most 2 yea1 making game and that&1quo;s simply not enough time to make anything good. That&1quo;s why we have to1 of “Closed Beta”, “Open Beta” and “Soft Launch” at F2P games. Develope1 are using playe1 to test their unfinished game and only after 3-6 months after “release” game is actually in a state to be called finished.
    So if it takes for me to pay for the box and later for subscription, but in return I get really awesome game, that is not grind-fest and not pay to win and have enough content and is not in beta-state when it&1quo;s released, I would gladly give my money to that company.

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