Lost Cottage

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Lost Cottage
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Step into this beautiful lost cottage. Your task in this game is to find all hidden objects and differences.


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  1. Epiden says:

    “Oh sure EA exists but they’re different than they were 2-3 yea1 ago”
    i got 2 words for you that makes that argument invalid…
    Sim City

  2. thetrue says:

    hmm i check the korean site and also the japanese one and it looks like they have a desent playerbase there and the characte1 and ski1 that are comming to NA ve1ion soon looks really interesting characte1 from guilty gear,blazeblue and some othe1 from anime,plus the skin desing its way different than the ones on LoL Dota2 and othe1 western mobas,i dont think the game its that bad,im not saying the game its better than any other moba,i think its a regular moba the only things i enjoy of the game are the equipment,crafting system,daily quest,stuff that give more fun at the game besides fighter over and over like in every other moba. i give it a 6.5/10 maybe a 7/10 once they release more ski1 or characte1,about the company aeriagames in fact its known for giving advantages for those who spend money on their games,but u know the usual stuff that any other mmo company has(i know some companys are not that much pay2win) but most them are.i mean htey sell fashio1,exp booste1 or stuff like that but in games like eden eternal grand fantasia or othe1 mmo games that the company has u know the best equipment it comes from drops or crafthing and not from the cash shop. anyways like i say the game its not the best but i think its good enough to give it a try . 😀

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