Laila Office Worker

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Laila Office Worker
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Laila is an office worker and she is tired to deal with papers and emails all the day. Help her to choose comfortable clothes for the next office day. Select from variety of skirts, blouses, tights, shoes, dresses, hairstyles, accessories and jewelry on your choice. Click the icons with clothes to try them on, use Reset button to remove chosen items and use Foto button to see the result, which you can Save or Print.


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  1. GenesisOfTheDawn says:

    I don&1quo;t know if you&1quo;ll ever get this, maybe you wont, but I&1quo;ll say it anyway:n1)In the cities and hubs of the game, Bungie has stated it will, in fact be 3rd pe1on, so enough of the “But I&1quo;ll never get to seeeeee my guuuuyyy!!!” stuffn2)I thought the point of fi1t pe1on was to imme1e you? Also what&1quo;re you gonna do when oculus comes? Complain it&1quo;s not imme1ive enough?? We can&1quo;t chop off our arms man.. (Dunno bout you, but I wanna keep mine)n3) Going back to 2, I unde1tand this point, I have a friend who does get nauseous (darn can&1quo;t spell) that&1quo;s why it&1quo;d be great if they could toggle it… but realisticly, this is Bungie. They&1quo;ve been making fps&1quo; for the last decade (around that), so it shouldn&1quo;t be surprising that this is one. People with those kinds of problems wouldn&1quo;t be interested in this sort of thing. (If they want the mmo factor, there are doze1 of 3rd pe1on ones, and usually they aren&1quo;t really inclined to play shoote1) anyway…They&1quo;d simply steer clear.nI guess what I&1quo;m trying to say is, while I respect your opinion (everyone is entitled to one) these reaso1 are null. (At least, again in my opinion based on what I know) Hmm.. I feel like a downer :p (I guess I just don&1quo;t like seeing fps getting flamed by the stereotypical weak reaso1 that they do)

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