Sapphire Clix

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Sapphire Clix
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Match 2 or more to collapse it. On Sapphire Clix Game, you will need to do longest combo in order to gain higher score on this game, but beware when blocks will hit the upper line, you must be quick on collapsing it and do not let the blocks hit the upper line, you will getting lose if the blocks hit the upper line.


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  1. Hekteur says:

    Let me correct that for you: Don’t preorder games. period. Unless you do that for that one game you were gonna buy anyway and there was some rebate upon pre-ordering. It’s literally stupid to preoder more than “on very rare occasion”.

  2. Twidledee says:

    Healing Space Ships with a green laser of sexual energy?
    damn this hurts more than Tanks with Health Ba1.

  3. fesdf says:

    out of keys in 10 min wtf, some butt hurt kid is hacking the keys

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