Space Station Balkan

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Space Station Balkan
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This is your Space Station Balkan. You goal is to gather resources and send them to the Planet, defend your Station Balkan at any coast. You are our hope of surviving, the whole Planet depend on you. We need those resources so that we can build our new home. Concentrate on your mission here is the Plan. - Your enemies will come from you left side of the station, defend it! - You have 3 types of defend units: mines, automated gun shot and automated gun rotator. - The automated units can be updated by health and gun power they can be repaired. - Send resources, the Planet needs them. - The planet will send you some special units after they have some resources to build them. Good luck. - Control with left mouse button : one click for selecting double for moving the unit - Use the arrow keys for moving the map.


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  1. Tele_Viper says:

    $51 for a copy of the PS4 ve1ion seems steep.

  2. Jeremy Ma1field says:

    Smite doesn&1quo;t count as a fantasy game IMO. It is a MOBA. A “fantasy game” would be an MMO/RPG game, not a MOBA. You can&1quo;t call you1elf a “fantasy game fan” for playing smite.

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