Dress Up Delilah

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Dress Up Delilah
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Beeeeeep! The alarm just went off, and it's time for Delilah to get ready for school. Everyone knows getting up early to have enough prep time for school is near impossible. Every girl is familiar with the difficult task of getting up at an ungodly hour, taking the shortest shower possible, gathering all the books you need and re-checking the homework you spent all night doing. However, above all these things is the unavoidable mess that magically appears when in search for the perfect outfit to wear. That's where you come in! Help Delilah get ready for school by choosing the best outfit for her. Browse through adorable tops, trendy dresses, fashionable shoes and so much more! Help Delilah look as if she breezed through the morning rush without any trouble at all. Get her ready for school in time so she can focus on learning new things and doing her best without compromising her fashion sense! We hope you enjoy our latest game, fresh from http://www.girlverse.com!


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  1. DogFighter#1 says:

    I think the biggest back lash is the lack of integrity, fa1 have been lead on a glossy expe1ive series of glitz events that have lead to the delivery of deflated crumpled up fart balloon!n Also the investment of money and time isn’t being repaid in the ships.n For example all of the Next Great Sta1hip guys delivered remarkable quality ships in a very short time, that are both sleek, elegant and very kewl.n How kewl really are the RSI base ships they look like rejects from a Lucas movie which people have paid up to $50 dolla1…n so add all this time and a reject ship and your going to get a back lash!n All this investment has been used to pay for the different shows, ve1us getting the job done, I appreciate they are trying to create a movement and want to publicize the game, however it seems out of integrity with the delivery.n And Chris Roberts Se1or style and his totally unorthentic thanks you for food speak of a man totally in it for the money and not the people or the love.n I will put money on that RSI will float and be gobbled up by EA!n And then we have the bullshit that COD went through.n I think that you will see a major drop off, of investment.n hris Roberts may have just put the fi1t nail in the Crowd funding coffin, which is a great shame!

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