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“Into the depths of the labyrinth I creep, lightning crackling from my fingertips. Perhaps somewhere in this labyrinth I might find the Scroll of Power that can put an end to the Warlock’s evil. Things are stirring in the darkness around me… Legions of foul goblins… They are aware of my presence… I must fight.”

A retro action adventure game evoking the look and feel of the ZX Spectrum and 3rd Prize winner in Mochi's July 2013 retro game development competition!

Arrow keys or WASD – move
Control or Space – fire
M – mute
Esc – pause


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  1. CAMN says:

    Wow… I&1quo;m glad they are doing all of this. Sounds like a lot of work, but I&1quo;ll be honest, I picked up this game because I read about the gameplay being really good. I stopped playing right after the fi1t battle outside the bathrooms (after the rape thing) and uni1talled the game.nThe writing was just awful, it was taking me out of the game world and making me very uneasy about playing a game where the develope1 didn&1quo;t seem to care about the story. I had no idea this was all just a mistake and they were as shocked as I was about it.nThanks for the article Polygon, now I know the game is going to be fixed and I can get back to it.

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