Park my Viper

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Park my Viper
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Get in your brand new car and go for a ride. The city is a very crowded place so you need very good parking skills if you do not want to crash your brand new jewelry.So practice your driving and parking skills and follow the arrows in the level to find the parking spot. Once you find it place you car very carefully there in the position indicated on the ground. Prove that you are are the best driver and that you worthy of the car that you are driving. Good luck and enjoy!


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  1. jtxstar says:

    I can tell you fi1t hand that the experience of a One controller over a 360 controller is distinctly better. I have been hopping back and forth from 360 to the one for a week now and the 360 pales in comparison. the One is significantly more respo1ive, lighter and the thumb sticks have a cleaner taller profile which allows better range of motion and better latency respo1e. as soon as they get it working i am upgrading.

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