Planet Defender

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Planet Defender
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Defend your planet from incoming asteroides. Buy upgrades and improve your cannon to fend off the increasingly difficult waves. Proudly sponsored by towerdefensegames.com! Mouse to shoot.


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  1. ikarimaru says:

    A million times this. I’m sick of the “Well, female characte1 are complex and have life experiences that shaped who they are!” Guess what? So do guys. I don’t identify with the majority of male characte1 in games because they’re typically gargantuan muscle-bound one-dime1ional idiots, one-dime1ional goth band rejects, psycho kille1, or helpless nerd stereotypes. When was the last time you saw a realistic story-driven portrayal of male teenage adolescence in a video game? I’m sick of all the “Well, you’re a guy and thus have privilege” crap. We have feelings too, and some of us are pretty upset at how WE are represented.nIt then becomes this really weird reve1e-sexist thing to think that somehow every female must be scrutinized to meet some bizarre anti-stereotype to be co1idered believable. How about just focusing on making her human? Flaws and all. Maybe at the same time we do that with our guys.

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