Mind Games

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Mind Games
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Put your visual acuity and memory muscle to the test in this label based, brain training challenge.


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  1. Mugi_wara says:

    I want to be Ao Kuang because… when I was a young noob in SMITE I was alone, when no one cared for this young noob and his poor building skills, there was one noodle who cared, Ao Kuang. The great dragon noodle not only thought this young noob in the way of SMITE, but also raised him in the way of the noodle. As time passed, this young noob and the noodle trained in harmony, then everything changed when Hi-Rez Studios attacked, only Ao Kuang grand master of the noodle way could stop them, or so I thought… Sealed away by their balance team he now slumbe1 and waits. I now seek to become like my noodle master in order to restore the peace that was destroyed by the patch and bring forth order to SMITE, this is why I want to become the great noodle, Ao Kuang!.

  2. ParadoxChimera says:

    @Name, Go to steam and hover your mouse over Games, click on Redeem/Activate a Steam Product, and post your code there. Your welcome

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