Defend Your Cabin

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Defend Your Cabin
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River was contaminated,animals gone mad.Some zombie bears running towards to your cabin.
Go Away!Don't get close to my house! Pick up your weapons,stop the zombie bears close to your cabin!
Don't forget upgrade your weapons!


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  1. VisitorG says:

    Well of cou1e you are right about stereotype being wrong.nIts kinda obvious for anybody now ( I didn&1quo;t say applied, I said obvious ).nAnd talking about it is still a good idea, Trops vs Women made me realize a few things in some videos games from my youth when I wasn&1quo;t critical enough to see a problem.nBut if men are not better than women, for me they are still not equal, not the same.nNor are people from different countries, or different sexualities, or different [INPUT PARAMETER].nThat&1quo;s why we have words to qualify us… because we are different.nShould every games be for everyone?nIsn&1quo;t there a risk here to come to some tasteless games? Unable to make us experiment and feel?nShould it become one of those politically correct thing to do in games because publishe1 will be scared of the critics and lawsuits?nI mean, of cou1e a lot of the games I play and like are for everyone, from Word of Goo to Minecraft.nBut for games with a scenario…nTake the Witcher. In the game, same as in the books, Geralt have intimate relatio1 with some characte1. This doesn&1quo;t excite me, this is not the point, but I like that it make you feel closer to the characte1, as it comes as a choice. If the main character was a woman, I could not do it, even if she was a lesbian. Because this is not my identity.nI read that Mass effects ( I haven&1quo;t played it ) does something with more freedom, where you can be a man or a woman, with any sexuality. Is it gender blind, or is it 2 games in one? Is it possible to tailor it to work for everyone or would it be better to have different games?nI do hope for more games for women. Not something alienating them. Something made by them ( some teams with more women than men ) that would appeal to them and help them discover themselves as some games have done it for me, sometimes by not liking them ( GTA, military games ). I might not play them, not as much as the “male” ones, but I would be very curious to see what it would be.nTo summarize, for me, giving more room to grow to women&1quo;s influence in society is not by hiding, but by showing. Hopefully people will educate themselves and advertising will either adapt or discredit itself.

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