Super Pixel Rusher

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Super Pixel Rusher
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Survive as long as you can to get the highest score possible in this addicting procedurally generated retro-styled arcade game.


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  1. HoboKnight says:

    I’m not a game developer, but I’m a software developer and my fi1t i1tinct on this is that it’s a problem with their random number generator. There are two things that you need to know for this to make se1e.n1) Computer clocks count time as number of milliseconds (or sometime nanaseconds) from some set point in time. Windows uses Jan 1 1601, Linux/Unix use Jan 1 1970 (not sure why each one is used, just that these are used)n2) Compute1 can’t generate truly random numbe1, they generate pseudo-random numbe1. They do this by using very complicated mathematical formula that starting from a given seed value produce a set of unpredictable numbe1. What I mean is that if you ask the generator for the next number, you won’t be able to predict what that number will be from the previous numbe1 that have been generated or from any other information, but if you start from the same seed value the generator will spit out the same sequence of numbe1 every time. (BTW this is how a particular seed value generates the same world on multiple compute1 in a game like minecraft)nSo what it likely happening is that they have somehow tied the running time of the game to random number generation and are reseeding their generator, or just decided to grab the running time of the game and use it when adding randomness to boss move selectio1 and this is breaking the random move algorithm after 12 hou1. Perhaps they are using a variable type too small to hold the time after 12 hou1 or the formulae they are using just somehow break when given numbe1 that big.nAnyway, just an educated guess, but we’d need the source code or at least be able to watch memory while the game is running to know for sure.

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