Nebula Warriors

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Nebula Warriors
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You and your opponent each control a squadron of 10 ships with various strengths. Every turn, each player gets to place a ship in one of the available slots. If this new ship is placed in front of an enemy ship, these two ships will fight. The ship with the highest strength will remain on the field, but it might be damaged and lose some strength as a result.rnIn case of two opposing ships having the same strength, both will be destroyed, unless the currents of the nebula favors one side.rnEach squadron also includes one saboteur ship. This ship will always destroy the opposing ship in a fight, but the saboteur itself will also be destroyed, thus it can only be used once.rnrnWhen both sides have played all their ships, the side who has the highest combined squadron strength on the field is victorious.


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  1. Drac96 says:

    I wouldn’t say we learned nothing from this. We now know that the game has environment interaction of some sort similar to Injustice. Scorpion also has a few new moves, but that’s not going to matter at all to the average pe1on who’s going to be buying Mortal Kombat.nIs an informative fighting game trailer really what people want? Should it have shown off new moves and given their frame data? Perhaps it should have said up front if it will run at 30 or 60 fps so everyone can lose their brai1 about that.

  2. lawlz says:

    So Nintendo is including the game in the European edition, but not the USnComing to Europe on February 13th, New Nintendo 3DS XL Majora’s Mask Edition includes a Majora’s Mask-themed New Nintendo 3DS XL and a pre-i1talled copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D!n

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