Candy Cake

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Candy Cake
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My niece is turning three tomorrow and I promised her that I will make a delicious candy cake for her and her friends. It is a challenge for me because I have never put candies on a cake. I am not sure that I can decorate this cake so I need you to give me some advises. Teach me how to decorate the cake with colorful and delicious candies. Make sure we do not forget about the chocolate because it is her favorite. Decorate the best candy cake for my niece and for her friends!


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  1. SkinnyV says:

    I am a white male and have been gaming since the beginning of the 90’s. I never really identify to any of my video game character. And that’s ok, they’re entertainment, just like movies. I do not try to find movie where I can identify with the protagonist. I never really could relate to Ellen Ripley, but Alien is still an awesome movie. With that being said, it is true that we could use a bit more variety of character in video game and there was a serious lack of black character for the longest time. But then again I never really found that there was anything wrong with Barret in FFVII. What I remember of him was that he was fearless, very protective and fond of his daughter and totally badass to be honest.

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